Rickets - Lou Bing Chronic Malnutrition giving rise to low calcium and vitamin D levels.


Symptoms of Rickets will include colic, irritability, slow teeth development, sweat easily, NO HAIR on OCCIPITAL, flaccid skin and muscles with the slow development of the anel’s. In severe cases bone disorders occur including Bow legged or "Chicken Chest"


In TCM it is due mainly to Spleen and Kidney disorders.


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Rickets:


Spleen and Lung Deficiency - poor appetite, soft stool, weak muscles, pale complexion, sweat, thin hair

Herbal Formula: Ren Shen Wu Wei Zi Tang


Spleen Deficiency with Hyperactive Liver -

Herbal Formula: Yi Pi Zheng Jing


Spleen and Kidney Deficiency - Severe Bone Changes

Herbal Formula: Bu Tian Da Zao Wan

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