More heavy and dangerous, especially if pain radiates through to the back The radiating pain is usually over 15 minutes


**Some may happen without pain, or pain in the abdominal region The first complaint is usually difficulty breathing


Chinese Medicine basic pattern - blockage patter, too much Yin, no more Fire Other signs are perspiration, low blood pressure, pale face, cold hands and feet (Yang collapse)


Principle of treatment is to rescue Yang: Use Fu Zi, Gui Zhi, Hong Hua, Tao Ren to boost Yang and warm King Fire

Herbal Formula: Si Ni Tang with Tao Ren, Hong Hua

Acupuncture: PC 6, Du 9, Du 26, Moxa Du 20, KI 1, Ren 4, 6, 14, 17, ST 36, LI 4 1.


For 2 weeks the patient must lie in bed and do nothing, within 24-48 hours do not even turn over 2. Do not eat for 24 hours, avoid bowel movements (teas, soups, juice) 3. After 2 days, a trained person may move the legs of the patient, 3-5 days the patient can move legs and arms, after 10 days the patient may be allowed to walk around the room.

*See Heart Disease.

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