Irregular Uterine Bleeding

Irregular Uterine Bleeding

Usually combines with irregular periods.  In this condition a patient may have severe amounts of bleeding. In 80% of cases observed, the cause is not because there has been ovulation, it is believed that hormonal signals are not functioning properly. This often occurs around a females first period, but most commonly when women are approaching menopause.

irregular uterine bleeding may be caused by stress, fatigue, emotional fear or shock, significantly large life change, drastic weather changes, malnutrition, excess testosterone intake/absorption, or too much exercise.


It is important to check for fibroids or tumors.

Principle of Treatment: menarche to 21 years - tonify Kidney, 21 to 42 years - tonify Liver, 42 and up - tonify Spleen

Acupuncture points - Ren, foot Taiyin, *Ren 4, *BL 23, * Zi Gong, *SP 6, *Moxa SP - Kidney Yang deficiency- Ren 6, Du 4 - Kidney Yin deficiency- KI 2, 3, 6 - Spleen deficiency- BL 20, ST 36 SP 10 - Heat in the Blood- SP 1, 10 - excess Heat- LI 11, ST 44 - deficient Heat- LR 2 - Blood Stasis- SP 8, 12


Alternative Treatment Methods for Irregular uterine Bleeding

Auricular Acupuncture - Shenmen, endocrine, LR, SP, KI, subcortex

7 star Acupuncture - lower sacrum, inguinal

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