Anal Fisure

Anal fisure


Anal Fisure Diagnosis:

An anal fisure is usually an acute disorder where there is a tear or cut along the anal canal. The anal fissure typically creates pain along the anal area with blood.  When having a bowel movement there will be extreme sharp pain with bloody stool.  The pain will happen during or shortly after the bowel movement.  

Anal fissures are common in children and adults but are often miss diagnosed as other problems such as hemorroids.  As with hemorrhoids, an anal fisure will have the same discomfort enabling the patient to try to avoid or fear the act of tpassing stool due to this pain.  

The most common cause of a anal fisure is dry hard stool.  When pushing to pass such a hard mass it may cut the inside of the anus as it passes.  This creates a fisure.  Other causes of anal fisures may be inflammatory bowels and chronic diarrhea.  As there are several causes for this condition it may be acute or chronic.  In chronic conditions a slight flap of skin may be found on the outer area of the anus known as a skin tag.  


Natural treatments will generally help promote healing while normalizing the bowel movements.  In constipation siutations eating a diet which promotes regular soft movements will help the healing process.  In diarrhea and inflammatory processes changing ones diet to help slow down and decrease the diarrhea will help.   In chronic difficult to treat conditions day surgery may be needed which will need several weeks to recover from.  


Chinese Medicine Cure Of Anal Fisure:


Herbal Formula: Liang Xue Si Wu Tang with  Ma Zi Ren Wan


EXTERNAL Treatment:

Wash anus area after all bowel movments, keep clean to help healing process.  Using herbs such as Ku Shen or a sitz bath can also be of great value during the treatment of a anal fisure. 

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