Depression & Mania (Bipolar)

Depressed mental state, lack of facial expression, quiet, slow reactions, slow-incoherent speech, lack of physical drive. - all three pulses and levels are thin weak and deep, person is very quiet, no concentration, speaks nonsense, lack of expression, eat unclean food from street/garbage, lie or laugh a lot for no reason, think unreasonably, feel guilty, afraid that someone is after them, may think they are having a heart attack (but not so), manic sadness and happiness.

Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Phlegm and Qi Stagnation depressed, slow, sighing, worry, poor appetite Tongue - thin greasy coat, Pulse - wiry, slippery,
Herbal Formula: Xiao Yao San + Di Tan Tang, Er Chen Tang

Spleen Qi deficiency with accumulation of Phlegm Depressed, dull expression, minimal talking, soft stool, more slow and dull than Phlegm and Qi stag., Tongue - pale swollen, thick white greasy coat, Pulse - weak, soft, slippery
Herbal Formula: Si Jun Zi Tang + Di Tan Tang, or Gui Pi Tang, Ban Xia Huo Po Tang

Deficient Heart and Spleen (Qi and Blood) More heart symptoms than above, insomnia, palpitations, depressed, dull expression, minimal talking, soft stools, Tongue - white coat, pale, Pulse - weak, thin
Herbal Formula: Yang Xin Tang


Mania - Kuang

Everything is excess, loud, anger, violent, laughing - Phlegm fire blocking the heart cavities ˜Tan Re Mi Xin Qiao Hun Po' - Phlegm and Fire disturb mind, Shen, Heart, ethereal and physical pirit. Western Medicine: Manic Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Hypomania, Postpartum disorders, Substance use disorders, Acute reactive disorders, hysteria. ‘Kuang Zheng' is a Fire (Yang) pattern that is usually complicated with Phlegm covering the Heart, mind, spirit, Hun (ethereal) and Po (physical) soul. This manifests as blockage accumulating until the point of bursting causing Fire to surge upwards. It shows a relative excess of Yang and a deficiency of Yin simultaneously.

Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Phlegm Fire attacking Mind (Heart) Doesn't eat, doesn't sleep, violent, red complexion Tongue - red, yellow greasy coat, Pulse - wiry, slippery, big
Herbal Formula: San Sheng San (induce vomiting) Gun Tan Tang + Xie Xin Tang (purge) San Huang Tang (purge) Shi Chang Pu (clears Phlegm from HT meridian) Er Chen Tang

Hyperactive Fire with Yin injury Usually second stage, irritable, angry, easily shocked, doesn't feel safe, insecure Tongue - geographic yellow greasy coat with cracks
Herbal Formula: Er Yin Jian + Ding Zhi Wan Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan

Qi and Blood stagnation Angry, irritable, loud talking, delusions, hallucinations, pain in chest, palpitations, fullness in chest, dark- dull complexion, Tongue - purple dots, Pulse - uneven
Herbal Formula: Dian Kuang Meng Xin Tang + Da Huang Zhe Cong Wan, Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang



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