Accidents, Injuries (Trauma)

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat all types of injuries. With the use of Tui Na (chinese massage), Acupuncture, External herbal Ointments, and herbal medicine formulas, the healing process can be quickened.

Any type of pain or injury will cause a type of stagnation. Any time there is poor circulation, blood & fluids accumulate causing discomfort and pain. It is the main focus of Chinese medicine to regain this circulation.


Some great formulas to help decresae healing time are,Yu Nan Bai Yao and Qi Li San to name a few.  


When having severe trauma it is important to have a western diagnosis via Ultra Sound, X-Ray, Blood Test, ...  to make sure that any broken bones can be properly set or other severe conditions treated.  After this has happend Chinese Medicine will help decrease the healing time needed for these injuries.  


The first step to promote healing naturally is to be properly diagnosed, from there a practitioner can properly guide you to Herbs, Massage, Acupuncture or other means of health recovery.  


a good resource for Pain Health Informataion  is HERE



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