Diabetes - Wasting Thirst Disorder  


Diagnosis of Diabetes:  
3 more - 1 less (eat, drink, urinate more - lose weight/emaciation less).


Person can eat and drink a lot but not quench thirst or gain weight. No matter how much is the patient drinks the same amount of urine is passed.

The main pathogenesis is Yin w/ dry Heat. This syndrome is closely related to Diabetes type 1 (early onset insulin dependant). In the elderly, the normal excess urine, thirst, and hunger gives way to fatigue being the most prominent symptom. Recommend getting fasting blood sugar tested yearly, cancer may also effect blood sugar levels (tumor feeds off sugar)Lower leg pain and numbness may be present in diabetes and cancer Find out % of mental and physical fatigue

*Spleen controls 4 limbs: may show desensitizing

*Vision problem may arise

*Low Xiao Ke (KI) - Urinary excess or difficulty, constipation

*Upper Xiao Ke (LU dryness)


- palpitations, can have skin disorders, itchiness - be cautious of itchiness, may also indicate cancer Diet

- keep blood sugar in acceptable range, try Dong Gua Pi (winter melon), cucumber, bitter melon (Ku Gua), Guava is good for diarrhea, Shan Yao, Huang Jing, Huang Qi, Wu Wei Zi, cranberry, blueberry, mulberry, Xi Yang Shen *Use caution when giving acupuncture, diabetes patients are highly susceptible to infection - remember that Qi and Yin deficiency are hard to treat with acupuncture *Use caution when treating Yin deficiency with Moxa - Acupressure is very beneficial *Use caution when sitting in the sun, do not stay exposed very long, especially feet *Watch sores that do not heal If diabetes runs in the family, check blood sugar regularly


Etiology (causes):

1. Dry Lung

2. Stomach Yin Deficiency

3. Kidney Yin Deficiency

4. Kidney Yin/Yang Deficiency Lung (upper Xiao), Stomach (mid Xiao), or Kidney (low Xiao).


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment


Lung Dryness (Upper Jiao) Very thirsty, drink lots of fluids but still has dry mouth and tongue, frequent large amount of urine, irritable Tongue - red, thin dry coat Pulse - thin, rapid

Principle of Treatment: clear upper jiao heat and purge fire to promote production of body fluids

Acupuncture points- hand Taiyin and Shaoyin, BL 13 and LU 9, 10 (heat), BL 15 and HT 8 (purge upper Jiao Heat), Yi Shu (pancreas Shu 1.5 cun lateral to T8) - thirst- Ren 23, ST 44

Herbal Medicine Treatment: Xiao Ke fang


Stomach Yin Deficiency (Middle Jiao) Hungry, will not stay full after meals, need to eat or get dizzy, extreme emaciation, constipation with dry stools Tongue - red, scanty dry coat Pulse - thin, rapid

Principle of Treatment: Clear Stomach fire and nourish middle jiao yin

Acupuncture points - foot Yangming, Taiyin, BL 20, SP 6, ST 36, BL 21 and ST 44, Yi Shu - hunger- PC 6, Ren 12

Herbal Medicine Treatment: Yu Nu Jian + Da Huang / Mang Xiao (constipation)

Kidney Yin Deficiency (Lower Jiao) Frequent cloudy/thick urination, urine is oily or greasy, thirsty, night sweats, dizzy, tinnitus, seminal emission, insomnia Tongue - red, thin coat Pulse - thin, rapid

Principle of Treatment: Nourish Kidney yin and clear deficient heat.

Acupuncture points - foot Shaoyin, Jueyin, BL 23, KI 3, BL 18 and LR 3 (LR KI Yin, descend Fire), Yi Shu

Herbal Medicine Treatment: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan


Kidney Yin and Yang Deficiency (Lower Jiao)Frequent cloudy oily urination, trouble holding urine, 5-centre heat sensation, thirsty, coldness, aversion to cold, weak lower back and knees, impotence, amenorrhea, night sweat, spontaneous sweat, dry/dull complexion Chronic type II NIDDM, usually obese patients, Kidney deficiency, frequent urination which is cloudy, low back and knee weakness, dull complexion, irregular menses - menopause, impotence - andropause, aversion to cold, Tongue - scanty coat Pulse - thin, deep weak

Principle of Treatment: Tonify Kidney yin and yang

Acupuncture points - foot Shaoyin, BL 23, Du 4, KI 3, Ren 6, ST 36, Yi Shu

Herbal Medicine Treatment: Jing Gui Shen Qi Wan + Er Xian Tang


Prevention and treatment - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan w/ Sheng Mai San - Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang Mix with Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang to promote circulation constipation - Zeng Ye Tang, Ma Zi Ren Wan loose stools - tonify Spleen *When mixing Rx's - use mother/son relationships, should be taken at separate times ***The obesity associated with diabetes comes from the use of insulin.


Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- pancreas, endocrine, KI, SJ, Shenmen, HT, LR, Er Mi Gen, gentle stimulation, one ear at a time, change ears every other day

7 star- T7-L1

injection- Dang Gui in Hua Tou Jia Ji

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