Auricular Cyst

Auricular Cyst  


Auricular cyst is a closed sac within the body which is enclosed by a specific membrane.  Within the cyst there can be air, fluid or a solid mass.  If the sac is filled with pus it would be called a Ear Abscess or Boil.   There are two types of auricular cysts.  A Pre-auricular cyst is a cyst which grows in the front of the auricular or ear while a Post auricular cyst is named when the growth is behind the ear.   These are serious disorders which needs to have a medical diagnosis and possible surgery to remove the growth.  In mild cases natural treatment may cure a small auricular cyst.  The larger more agressive cysts are very difficult to treat or cure with herbs and surgery may be the best option.  

These type of ear cysts can have a variety of symptoms.  In some cases there is no pain, discomfort or any other sign of the growth except on palpation.  Auriculr cysts can also have symptoms of numbness, redness, pain, burning,  and swelling.  If ever suspecting a auricular cyst please consult your physician to see how severe the case may be and the most appropriate treatment.


A common herbal formula used to help treat a auricular cyst is listed below.  There is the best success if the cyst feels rubery or soft under palpation as well as a feeling of clogged ears, sinus congestion, a general heavy feeling in the body, and possible dizziness or vertigo.  


Herbal Formula: Er Chen Tang +Dang Gui + Zao Jiao Ci, Bai Zhi, Shi Chang Pu, Bian Xu


If there are also signs of infection antibiotics may be needed.  Other herbs to add to the above formula could be:

Herbs for InfectionJing Jie, Du Huo, Mang Xiao


External Treatment for Auricular Cysts:

doing steam baths as well as warm cloth applications can help.  Steeping herbs such as Mang Xiao and applying to the effected area can be useful. 

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