Bai Zhi

Latin name: Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Rhizoma

Bai Zhi Also Known As: Angelica Root, European Angelica, Garden Angelica, Root of the Holy Ghost, Wild Angelica. Angelica archangelica, synonym Archangelica officinalis; Angelica atropurpurea, Angelica sylvestris; Angelica curtisi; Angelica rosaefolia; Angelica pubescens.

Properties: PUNGENT - WARM

Dosage: 3 - 9g.

Meridians/Channels: LUNG, STOMACH

  • expel wind-cold, alleviate pain - supraorbital pain, congestion, toothache
  • clears swelling, expel pus - early stage, carbuncles, sores, ulcer
  • expel dampness - leucorrhea
  • opens nasal passages for nasal congestion

Also Used For: Orally, Bai Zhi / Angelica root is used for loss of appetite, gastrointestinal spasms, feeling of fullness, and flatulence. Topically, Bai Zhi / Angelica root is used to create warmth in neuralgia and rheumatism, and is used for skin disorders. It is also used as part of a multi-ingredient preparation for treating premature ejaculation. Historically, Bai Zhi / Angelica root has been used to promote menstrual flow, as an abortifacient, antiseptic, expectorant, diuretic, and as a cure for the plague.