Thyroid Disease

Can be hyper Thyroid or hypo Thyroid

In the elderly there is more Hypothyroidism Watch for…

1. mental symptoms include depression and fatigue

2. coldness (out of the ordinary)

3. may show obesity/swelling

4. Vision/auditory reduction

*test for this every 2-3 years


Chinese Medicine – basic pattern, Spleen Kidney Yang deficiency

Western Medicine (prescription) for thyroid in the elderly is easy to effect physical Heart


treat deficiency, tonify Spleen Kidney Yang Qi Formulas and acupuncture work quite well


Diet - tough to treat through diet, try seaweeds

Thyroid patients are easy to depression

Depression patients are easy to get thyroid problems

- then they get overweight, this causes depression and the thyroid condition to get worse


Note: anything that works in a cycle is related to Liver.

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