Breech Presentation

Malposition of Fetus (breech presentation)

Treat after 30 or more weeks in pregnancy if the fetus has not yet turned. Keep close watch to seethe baby is reacting to the treatment. Treat continuously with a practitioner of chinese medicine and at home with moxibustion.  There is great success using acupuncture to cure breech presentation.


Here is a How To Video on You tube:


Chinese Medicine Differentiation of Breech Presentation:


Qi Blood deficiency

Acupuncture points - mild Moxa on Bladder 67

Acupuncture -  *BL 67, 23, ST 36, Bladder 20, Bladder 23


Liver Qi Stagnation

Acupuncture points - Moxa on Bladder 67

Acupuncture - *BL 67, bladder 18, Liver 3, St 36, Gallbladder 34


Alternative Treatment Methods

electrical- ST 36, BL 67, 5-10 minutes (medium stimulation) on the 1st day, 15-20 minutes on the 2nd day, 20-25 minutes on the 3rd day.

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