Breast Tenderness

Breast   Tenderness


Breast Tenderness Diagnosis:

Around period breasts (KI) feel tender, sore, distended, or have itchy pain in the nipples (LR)


Etiology (causes):

1. LR Qi stagnation - LR effects nipple - if the LR attacks the ST the breasts are effected. Qi is not able to flow smoothly.

2. LR KI Yin - breasts are effected during menses, blood is - collaterals then lack nourishment and this leads to stag.


Differentiation Tumor - generally has inverted nipple, breast skin looks like an orange peel, Areola border is not clear. Cyst - can be big or small - change w/ cycle hormone levels, can have many, they are fluid filled sacs.


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

LR Qi stagnation pre-menstrual tenderness, itchy, distended Plus - LR Qi stag. symptoms

Principle of Treatment: - soothe LR to relieve stagnation

Herbal Medicine Formula: Chai Hu Shu Gan San or Xiao Yao San


LR KI Yin tenderness in last few days of bleeding Plus - LR KI Yin Heat symptoms (see Appendix 1)

Principle of Treatment: - nourish LR KI Yin

Herbal Medicine Formula: Yi Guan Jian or Zi Shui Qing Gan Yin



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