Abnormal Heart Beat


Heart Beat Abnormality


Diagnosing an abnormal heart beat is not easy but a simplified version of how to diagnose a fast or slow heart beat is as follows.  A fast heart beat is considered to be high if the resting rate is faster than 85 beats per minute.  The heart rate would be considered abnormaly slow if it beats less than 50 beats per minute.

Palpitations my accompay a abnormal heart beat but they are different.  To learn more about palpitations and treatment click here.  


A diagnosis and possible treatment should be made by a western medical doctor.  This could be a serious disorder which may need professional treatment.  If after diagnosis you are able to have herbal treatment there is a example of herbs which may help treat abnormal heart beats.  


Abnormal Fast Heart Beat

Gui Pi Tang + modifications such as Dan Shen or Sheng Mai San


Abnormal Slow Heart Beat

Ma Huang Xi Xin Fu Zi Tang

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