Epidemic toxic heat invasion blocking the Shao Yang meridian causing high fever, irritability, headache, mandible swelling with swollen glands accompanied by pain, most common in winter and spring. Fever will last for 2 days before swelling pain starts, usually lasting 1-2 weeks

Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Wind Heat - first stage - swelling mandible region

Principle of Treatment – expel Wind-Heat, dissolve hardness

Acupuncture points – hand Shaoyang, foot Yangming, SJ 17, ST 6, SJ 5, LI 4 - Heat- Du 14, LI 11, Lu 11, LI 1)

Herbal Formula: Chai Hu Ge Gen Tang


Toxic Heat Stagnation - second stage - high fever with local area hard, swollen and painful

Principle of Treatment – clear Heat, detox, soften hardness

Acupuncture points – Du 14, LI 11, SJ 3, LI 4, SJ 17, ST 6, GB 4 - headache- ST 8, taiyang - sore throat- Lu 11 and LI 1 (bleed)

Herbal Formula: Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin


Toxic Heat Invading External Genitals - abdominal/testicular pain

Principle of Treatment – purge Liver Gallbladder Heat, promote blood circulation

Acupuncture points – foot Jueyin and Shaoyang, LR 1, GB 41 and LR 8 (jueyin Heat), ST 29, 30 - fever- LI 11, Du 14, PC 9 Herbal Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang

Toxic Heat invades the Heart and Liver possible convulsions

Acupuncture points – Du 26, Jing-well (bleed), PC 8, 9, KI


External application

- Qing Dai Powder + Vinegar + H2O = Thin paste applied to local area


Prevention - Ban Lan Gen, Da Qing Ye

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- face, cheek, subcortex, apex, bleed painful points Deng Xin Cao- direct Moxa technique on SJ 20

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