High Blood Pressure, Pregnancy

Diagnosis of  High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy - Eclampsia:

Eclampsia is the condition of high blood pressure during mid to late pregnancy. These women are quite often overweight but any woman may devolop high blood pressure during their pregnancy. This is a serious condition which needs medical attention.  


Early signs of Eclampsia (pre-eclampsia): lower limb edema, dizziness, headache, blurred vision.

Eclampsia can cause: 

spasms, loss of consciousness, convulsions, ...


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Generally Eclampsia is caused by a Liver and or Kidney Yin deficiency, as yin is unable to anchor Yang or Fire is likley rise causing hypertension.  This rising of yang or fire can easily lead to Wind. The risk is higher in women that are diabetic, or have kidney problems (western).


Pre-attack Yin deficiency with Yang rising Liver Kidney deficiency allows Yang to rise causing dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, headache, muscle twitching

Principle of Treatment: nourish Liver Kidney, soothe Liver Qi

Acupuncture points - neutral, foot Shaoyin and Jueyin, Shu, BL 18, 23, Du 20, LR 2, KI 6 (Yinqiao) - insomnia- HT 7


Heart Liver Fire dizziness, blurred vision, throbbing/distended headache, loud tinnitus, irritable, anger, red face, lips, tongue, shaking limbs

Principle of Treatment: purge Heart Liver Fire

Acupuncture points - neutral, hand and foot Shaoyin and Jueyin, KI 3, BL 23, HT 7, PC 6, LR 3, BL 18 - irritable- PC 7 - sore eyes, headache, dizziness- Si Shen Cong - constipation- SJ 6, ST 37


Spleen deficiency with hyperactive Liver fluid retention, edema, lack of blood for Liver which causes Wind

Principle of Treatment: strength Spleen, eliminate Phlegm-Damp

Acupuncture points - neutral, foot taiyin and Jueyin, BL 20, ST 36, LR 2, PC 6, Ren 17 - Phlegm- ST 40 - dry mouth, irritable- HT 7, LR 3


During attack Woman can faint, lose consciousness, clenched fists and jaws, spasm, convulsions, frothy saliva, Phlegm in the throat, attacks may recur simultaneously, may not wake.

This condition can also happen after delivery, which would be treated the same.

Principle of Treatment: extinguish Wind, relieve convulsions and Phlegm, revive consciousness.

Acupuncture points - Du 26, Si Shen Cong, PC 8, ST 40 - during the day- BL 62 - at night- KI 6 - closed (lock jaw)- ST 7 - Phlegm in throat- Ren 22


Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular Acupuncture- ST, subcortex, Shenmen, HT, occipital, Yuan Zhong, LR, KI, *bleed retro

auricular bleeding - vein in blood pressure groove and/or apex of ear.

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