Pink Eye - Conjunctivitis

Pink Eye - Conjunctivitis

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is inflammation of the outter layers of the eye as well as the inner layer of the eye lid. It is most commonly caused by an infection which is generally viral in origin but can also be caused by bacterial infections. Pink eye is also caused by allergic infections.

Viral pink eye is commonly accompanied by an upper respiratory tract infection with cough, sore throat and possible fever and chills. Bacteria pink eye conditions generally have more pus and fluid discharge from the effected eye which is commonly yellow and thick in consistency. This discharge is often called "eye goop" leaving a crust around the eye which commonly "sticks" closed.

In any case of pink eye the area is red, blood shot, sore and possibly itchy. Depending on the severeity and type will change other symptoms like discharge.


Early Stage of Acute Pink Eye:

Dry, itchy, red eye with possible respiratory tract infection symptoms of a cough, very sore throat, red face and possible fever.

Herbal Formula: Yin Qiao San


Toxic Heat Pink Eye:

high fever, red face, sweating, dry itchy eyes, possible thick yellow discharge and other acute pink eye symptoms.

Herbal Formula: Xie Fei Yin


Stomach Heat Pink Eye:

Pink eye which is accompanied by digestive discomforts such as dry stool, constipation, big appetite, bad breath, red face and possible bleeding gums.

Herbal Formula: Liang Ge Lian Qiao San


Lung Yin Insufficiency PInk Eye:

Eye pain which has dry, itching and redness as the main complaint. There will also be sensitivity to light (photophobia), a dry cough, possible slight fever and pink eye is more long lasting or chronic.

Herbal Formula: Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang


Liver and Kidney Deficiency Pink Eye:

This eye disorder is chronic in nature and common in the elderly but anyone at any age can have this type. There will be low back ache, knee weakness, dry skin, weak nails and possible dry hair. The pink eye will also be dry in nature with prominant redness and itchiness.

Herbal Formula: Qi Ju Di Huang Wan


Damp Heat Pink Eye:

Very thick yellow discharge from the eye during a pink eye attack.  Red eye, excessive amounts of tearing and crusting of yellow discharge.  Generalized heaviness and redness of the body, possible rashes and acne. 

Herbal Formula: modified Si Miao San

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