Rectal Prolapse

Rectal Prolapse


In this condition, the last 12-15 centimeters of the large intestine (Rectum) looses it's support which allows it to slowly drop down and possibly through the anal opening.  The support of the rectum is mostly muscles and ligaments.  When these support systems weaken, the rectum is allowed to drop.  This is called a Rectal Prolapse.  

A prolapse of the rectum may be caused by many condition like chronic constipation or childbirth.  In some cases hemorrhoids may be a precursor to a rectal prolapse.  Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins within the rectum.  

In women, a condition similar to rectal prolapse called rectocele is very common.  In this condition the vagina propases allowing the back wall of the rectum to drop because it is not properly supported.  

This condition is most common in the elderly, children under 3 years of age and mostly in women.  The most common signs and symptoms of a rectal prolapse is pain during a bowel movement, feeling of tissue from the anus, blood or musuc discharge from the prolapsed tissue, unable to control bowel movements called fecal incontinence, ...


Stages of Rectal Prolaps:

First Stage - In this least discomfortable stage the rectum will fall slightly with each bowel movment.  The rectum will retract naturally after each movement to it's original location.  During this stage it is only the rectal mucosa which prolapses through the anus.  

Second Stage of Prolapse - During this stage the rectum will fall further down and may or may not completley go back to it's original positio.  

Third Stage of Prolapse - In this most severe stage the rectum will have fallen through the anus and not ever retract.  The condition will worsen for each bowel movement with general severe discomfort and pain.  During this stage the entire thickness of the rectum has prolapsed. 


Although the 1st and 2nd stages of rectal prolapse can be cured with chinese herbs or formulas, in many cases surgery is needed.  The Herbal formulas and other suggestions here will help decrease the severity of a stage 2 or 3 prolapse and will still be a benefit even if surgery is needed.


Possible Cure of Rectal Prolapse:

A common formula used to treat mild cases of rectal prolapse is the following.  It is used in conjuction with diet changes and lifestyle suggestions to help the healing process of the prolapse.

Herbal Formula: Bu Zhong Yi Qi TangWu Bei Zi


External Herbal Wash for Rectal Prolapse:

Herbal Formula:Ku Shen  with  Wu Bei Zi


Other Natural Treatment Methods of Rectal Prolapse:

Stool softeners are often used to help decrease the downward pressures applied to the rectum and aid in the healing of this painful condition.  


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