Common Warts - Papillomavirus

Warts may appear at any age but are most common in older children and can be found in multiple or single forms.

Traditionally they are referred to as the "1000 day eruption" because they commonly last for approximately that duration of time. Warts will attack a specific area of the body and depending on the local areas immunity the wart may grow.

Warts are most commonly found on the hand, fingers, feet, toes, face and around the nails of the hands and feet. They will be rough, round or oval, raised, light grey or yellow, silk like, and most commonly found to be the size of a soy bean. Warts are commonly smaller and larger than this depending on the type and growth rate.


Chinese Medicine Cure and Treatment for Warts is Applied Depending upon the Type of Wart and Pattern of Chinese Medicine.

Common patterns for warts in Chinese Medicine are:  

- liver blood dryness,(wind or toxic pathogen attacks)  

- kidney essence/Qi defeficnecy, Phlegm and blood deficiency


Internal Treatment and Cure for Warts:


Wind Heat in Liver and Gall Bladder -

Wind heat causing warts usually have several erupt at the same time and appear in a very acute fassion.  There may be a a generalized redness accompanied with itching around the warts themselves.  

Herbal Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang - modified

Kidney Deficiency :

A kidney deficiency type of wart is more chronic than the above pattern.  The warts are more "cauliflower" like, will have less redness and more of a grey brown color. and will bleed easily if picked at or broken.  These warts are very chronic and stubborn in treatment.  

Herbal Formula:Liu Wei Di Huang Wan - modified


Heat in Qi and Blood level:

The heat type of warts will be similar to that of the wind heat but the heat will be more pronouced causing easily bleeding and more redness around each eruption.  Along with the wart a generalized feeling of feverishness or warmth is noticed.  

Herbal Formulas: Liang Xue Si Wu Tang + Zi Cao, Bai Xian Pi, Tu Fu Ling (detox herbs) + Find root and treat


EXTERNAL Treatment and Cure for Warts:

The external treatment of warts in Chinese Medicine can be a very effective tool in the treatment and hopeful cure of these stuborn eruptions.  Stronger herbs can be used externally for warts than that of internal herbal treatment.  Acupuncture, Moxibustion and "strangulation" (tie string around wart) have traditionally been used with good success.  


Flat Wart Treatment and Cure - Papillomavirus

Flat warts are caused by the same virus as common warts but are different in shape and size. They are usually rice sized round or oval paules which are hard to the touch and may have a slight itch. A Flat Warts onset is slow and is frequently found on the face, forearm and dorsum of the hand. Usually these warts are present on young females but can also be found on males.


Common Pattern for Flat Warts 


Spleen deficiency with turbid dampness

This type of flat wart can have a clear or cloudy discharge or dampness quality to them.  They can be aggravated by specific foods such as dairy products or gluten.  There is minimal discomfort around the warts.

Interal Herbal Formula - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan with Blood Movers


Wind Heat 

This type of flat wart will effect more the upper areas of the body and each eruption will have a slight redness accompanied with it and mild itching

Internal Herbal Formula: Yin Qiao San


Wind Damp

A wind damp flat wart will have no or just slight itchiness to them and be more of an unlear eruption and difficult to diagnose.  There will be a generalized dampness feeling around the effected areas.

Internal Herbal Formula:Chi Shi Wei Ling Tang


Blood Stagnation

These easy to diagnose flat warts are very chronic and can take some time before a cure is seen.  They will be dark or ashen in color and be painful when pressed or picked.  When they bleed they commonly will have a darker color of blood than expected.   

Internal Herbal Formula: Tao Hong Si Wu Tang


EXTERNAL Cure for Flat Warts

The following herbs are often used on the outside of the body.  They will be prepared and placed ontop of the flat wart and covered.  Leave the prepared herb on long enough to have a significant effect.  It will take many repetitions of this before a major change is seen.   

Ma Chi Xian, Bai Zhi, Ku Shen, Chen Pi, She Chuang Zi, Xi Xin, Lu Feng Fang

Acupucnture is another effective treatment for flat warts.  Needles will be placed around the wart itself pointing directly under the warts roots to help increase circulation.


Soft Warts - Papillomavirus

Soft warts are small raised bright skin swellings that resemble rat nipples. They are contagious and may have a cottage cheese like discharge. Soft Warts are most commonly found on the body trunk and limbs but may be present throughout the body.


INTERNAL Cure for Soft Warts

Externall Pathogens

This type of soft wart will be more acute in nature and may follow exposure to extreme weather changes. 

Herbal Formula:Ban Lan Gen, Da Qing Ye


Internal Damp Heat

Internal damp heat soft warts will be a chronic condition where the warts have a damp quality and possible discharge.  They will have some redness around them and the dishcharge associated may be clear or yellow.   

Herbal Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang


EXTERNAL Cure For Soft Warts

Clean effected wart area with alcohol, puncture and discharge fluids, apply iodine and San Qi Powder.  These warts can be contagious so diligence keeping the area clean and not infecting others is important.  

Acupuncture is another good treatment for warts.  It is usually not used along but in conjunction with other treatments such as herbal therapy both internal and externally.

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