Nipple Discharge

Breast or Nipple Discharge  



Diagnosis for Nipple Discharge

Abnormal fluid discharge from nipple, may have slight distension. slight discharge during late pregnancy and after delivery is normal, although any other time or large amounts should be treated.


Causes of Nipple Discharge:

According to Chinese Medicine, a discharge from the nipples is caused mainly by liver or Stomach disorders.


1.Liver Qi stagnation Heat 

when the liver Qi stagnates it can lead to a disorder where it pushes fluids out because it blocks the normal flow creating a back up of fluids, if injury to blood vessels has occurred the fluid may be pinkish (blood).

2. Stomach Qi 

milk comes from the Spleen and Stomach in Chinese Medicine - if the Qi is week, it can't hold fluids allowing leakage.


Principle of Treatment Based on Pattern:

Liver Heat - clear heat, course liver, regulate Qi

Spleen and Stomach deficiency - Supplement Qi, control fluids



Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment


Liver Qi stagnation with Heat

Nipple discharge is pale yellow and thick, the areola or breast may feel hot accompanied with distension of whole breast,  there will also be other Liver Qi stagnation symptoms (emotional, rib side distention or pain, wiry pulse, ...)

Principle of Treatment: - soothe Liver, purge Fire, stop breast discharge

Herbal Medicine Formula: Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San


Spleen and Stomach Qi Deficiency

Nipple discharge will be thin in consistancy but in large amounts, breasts are soft. Other Signs and Symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency will also be present.

Principle of Treatment: - nourish mid Jiao Qi to consolidate breasts

Herbal Medicine Formula: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang or Ba Zhen Tang

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