Prolapsed Uterus

Prolapsed Uterus  


Before discussing what a prolapsed uterus is lets first difine what the uterus is.  The uterus is a muscle found in the pelvis held in place by ligaments, muscles and other tissues.  The uterus is found in the upper areas of the vagina.  The part of the uterus which meets with the vagina is called the cervix.  

If these muscles which hold the uterus in place weaken through age, childbirth or other reasons the uterus may slowly displace downwards collapsing inwards and into the vagina.  

It is divided into 3 degrees of severity.

1. cervix falls to pubis symphysi, cervix drops into the vaginal canal.  

2. the cervix drops far enough so that it can be seen at the vaginal opening.  

3. uterus exits to external (procidentia, the entire uterus falls through the vagina due to extreme weakness of all supporting ligaments and muscles.  


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Spleen Qi deficiency 

This type of prolapsed uterus is a usually a slow process and is aggravated by fatigue.  There is generally dull pain which comes and goes and rarely gets severe, the pain and dropping sensation is aggravated when fatigued or not eating enough or good enough quality.  The patient will also experience digestive disturbances.

Acupuncture points -

Moxa and needle, Du 20, Ren 4, 6, GB 28 (meeting hui of the Dai Mai), ST 36.

Herbal Medicine Formula:

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang 

Possible modifications which can help  add - Xu Duan , Jin Ying Zi, Zhi Qiao , Wu Mei


Kidney Yang deficiency 

Kidney deficiency prolapsed uterus will have other aches and pains in the low back and knees.  there will be urinary incontinence or frequency, low libido, ... 

Acupuncture points -

Moxa and needle, Ren 4, KI 6 and 12 (lift Qi), Zigong - tinnitus, light headed- Du 20, BL 23 - weak sore back and/or knees- BL 23, KI 3

Herbal Medicine Formula: Da Bu Yuan Jian



Damp Heat prolapses will have more pain and a burning sensation.  There will be vaginal discharge which has a bad smell, the patient will have a high BMI and mucus in their stool or watery stools.  They will often feel feverish and may sweat easily in the afternoons.  

Acupuncture points

- sedate, BL 20 and SP 9 (damp), LR 5 (heat), Ren 3 and BL 32 (diuresis) - bloating- ST 25, 36

Chinese Herbal medicine:

 Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang with Ba Zheng San


Alternative Treatment Methods For Prolapsed Uterus 

Auricular Acupuncture- uterus, subcortex, sympathetic, LR, SP, KI

Scalp Acupuncture- reproductive regions, foot motor sensory regions

Electrical Acupuncture - local points, points to direct the Qi upwards

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