Glomerular Nephritis

Glomerular Nephritis

Acute or Chronic Glomerular Nephritis:

Western physiological Kidney =TCM Bladder and/or SanJiao

Chronic – western Kidney pathology = TCM Kidney or Spleen Yang deficiency (Yin edema)

Acute – western Kidney pathology = TCM bladder and/or San Jiao, Lin Zheng, Yang edema (wind water) Yang Edema – Face (wind water) Yin Edema – start at ankles and works way upwards Misc. Elderly blood vessels become harder, they show more Kidney hypertension therefore you must restore proper Kidney functioning to treat hypertension.


Most drugs have trouble controlling this type. Drugs and herbs effect the Liver and Kidney in the elderly, these organs functions are already low. When Kidney function is low, mineral and electrolyte balances may be lost (Na+, Ca++, K+, Zn, Fe++, Cu++) *Do not use heavy mineral herbs for too long (Huang Qi contains zinc, Dang Gui contains copper, just examples, these are not heavy mineral herbs)


Treatment Acute

Herbal Formulas: Ma Huang Lian Qiao Ba Zheng San Wu Ling San Yue Pi Tang Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin + Yin Qiao San Herbs – corn silk (Yu Mi Xu), Dan Zhu Ye



1. Set up group Rx, a) branch – heat, cold, toxicity, smelly urine, etc, b) rooTongue - Kidney Spleen Yang deficiency, Lung Yang deficiency, Spleen Qi deficiency, Kidney Essence deficiency, etc, c) Phelgm or Kidney Blood Stasis (leech – Shui Zi, cockroach – Zhe Chong)

2. Must coordinate with Diet - less salt, no shellfish or strange fish, if eat fish consume Zi Su Ye, avoid parsley, avoid lobster.

3. Exercise – not too physical – Qigong, Yoga etc. *Patients with Kidney troubles usually are on some type of cortisone – this can cause kidney Yin deficiency, or sometimes Spleen Qi deficiency over long periods of use.

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