Blood Deficiency - Anemia - Red Blood Cell Low



Anemia diagnosis:

Anemia is loosely diagnosed and described as a low count of red blood cells or Hemoglobin.  This is usually diagnosed via a blood test at a lab.  These red blood cells carry oxygen to every cell in our body and takes away waste gasses.  When the red blood cells are deficient we are unable to carry the proper amount of  healthy needed oxygen to the cells or remove the toxic gas.  Naturally this condition can be treated and even cured ! 


Anemia has over 400 different kinds but the three most common types of Anemia are:

1- Iron deficiency Anemia

2- B12 deficiency Anemia

3- Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia 


Iron Deficiency Anemia

this type of Anemia  occurs generally as Pale skin, fatigue and weakness, possible shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pains, low blood pressure, ...        This type of Anemia generally has 3 causes.  

a- blood loss with the body unable to properly replace the iron lost to create more red blood cells.  This can be due to a traumatic injury where there is extreme blood loss over a short period of time or a chronic long bleed such as heavy menstruation or digestive bleeding due to an ulcer.  

B- Mal-absorption of iron due to poor digestion.  This is common with people who have a digestive reaction to wheat or gluten products.

C- Poor Diet.  A diet low in Iron will not allow the body to create red blood cells due to a deficiency in our diet.  


Vitamin B12 Deficiency Anemia:

This type of Anemia has symptoms of Jaundice, numbness of the extremities, easily loosing ones balance, confusion and mental changes such as depression.   Generally there are only 2 causes of B12 Deficiency Anemia: A - mal-absorption of B12 caused by something like chrohns disease or B - diet low in B12. 

Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia:

The most common symptoms of this Anemia are dark stool (containing blood), abdominal discomfort or cramping, loosing weight or underweight, fatigue,  chest pain.  ,,,

A folic acid deficiency is caused mainly by eating a poor diet low in this nutrient.  It is also present in heavy alcoholic drinkers which decreases the absorption of folic acid. 

Foods high in Folic Acid are:

dark leafy green vegetables, beans, peas, nuts, seeds, sprouts, oranges, grapefruit, animal protein, ...


Chinese Medicine and Anemia:

Chinese Medicine commonly treats all types of Anemia.  It is generally referred to as a Qi and Blood deficiency.  We commonly work with patients to help balance their diet, improve digestion and provide herbs to cure this condition over time.  A diagnosis and prognosis is suggested to find the severity  and type of anemia presenting.   A strong emphasis must be put on diet and digestion when treating anemia.  Only when the diet is high in needed nutrients and the digestive tract strong enough will this condition be cured naturally !  


The main Types of Anemia in Chinese Medicine:

Kidney Essence and Liver Blood Deficiency -

This type of Anemia presents itself mostly in the elderly or middle aged who are over worked.  There will be a general sense of fatigue and extreme lethargy, dry skin, dry cloudy eyes, low back pain, weak knees, frequent urination or possibly incontinence, paleness and poor memory.  

Herbal Formula: Qi Bao Mai Yin Dan or Zuo Gui Wan


Qi and Blood deficiency:

Qi and Blood Anemia is less severe than the above pattern.  There will be fatigue, paleness, slight weight loss but not emaciation.  poor memory, slight mental changes are also possible.  

Herbal Formula: Gui Pi Tang  or  Ba Zhen Tang


Blood and Body Fluid deficiency:

Anemia following this pattern will have many dry type of symptoms.  Patients with blood and body fluid deficiency will experience fatigue, paleness, dry skin, dry eyes, dry stool, peeling nails, ...   

Herbal Formula: Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang, Si Wu Tang

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