Natual Treatments for Constipation



In order to diagnose constipation we first need to define what normal bowel movements are.  Normal bowel movements can occur 3x per week or up to 3x per day.  Anything less than 3x per week or more than 3x per day would be considered not healthy. 

If one has more than 3 bowel movements a day it may be related with diarrhea

If someone has less than 3 bowel movements per week or a difficult time passing stool with an unfinished feeling after this could be diagnosed as constipation.  

Constipation is experienced by most likley everyone atleast a few times during their lifetime.  This condition is not a disease but a symptom of something else which is out of balance in someones life.   Millions of people in North America alone go to their medical doctor complaining of constipation.  In most instances, dietary and lifestyle changes will cure constipation.   The most common people to experience constipation are adults over 65 years of age, women during pregnancy or post pregnancy and post surgery.  


Natural Cure of Treatment of Constipation:

To properly treat constipation a diagnosis must be made on the cause for the constipation.  Below are common chinese medicine herbal cures for constipation.  There are many different types and only the right treatment and diagnosis will help cure this disorder.


Stomach Heat

constipation with dry stools and a fullness in the intestines.  There is bad breath, possible burning with passing of bowel movement, bad breath, big thirst, easily sweat, red face and a feeling of feverishness.  This is commonly a acute condition or recurrent depending on diet.

Herbal Formula: Da Cheng Qi Tang


Spleen Stomach Qi deficiency

General fatigue accompanies constipation with the feeling that one doesn't have the energy to pass the stool.  They sleep lots, have weak muscle tone and other deficient signs and symptoms.  

Herbal Formula: Si Jun Zi Tang


Spleen and Kidney Yang Cold:

General fatigue and feeling of chilliness throughout the body.  The constipation is mild and fatigue gets worse after passing stool.  There is frequent urination which is clear and diluted.  There can be low back pain and weak knees with low sex drive.  

Herbal Formula: Si Shen Wan


Wind Constiaption

Numbness and tingling of limbs, with twitching.  Constipation will come and go getting worse with fatigue or exposure to windy environment. 

Herbal Medicine Formula: Xiao Xu Ming Tang


Food Retention

Constipation which is directly related to diet.  There will be bloating, general fullness in stomach, burping, heart burn or acid regurgitation, nausea and hard distended abdomen.  There will also be bad breath.  This type of constipation occurs after over eating or eating a very rich diet heavy in faty foods, sugar and meats.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Bao He Wan and Da Huang


Phlegm Heat Constipation

general heat conditions like sweating on the head, easily sweat, general feverishness which is worse at night, stinky greasy stool which takes lots of toilette paper to clean up.  Difficult to pass sticky constipation which may have a burning sensation.  There will be abdominal distention and generalized swelling or edema.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Wen Dan Tang


Blood Deficiency

Constipation which is dry, hard and passed in little balls similar to that of rabbit droppings.  There will be a pale complexion with dry skin, dry hair, dry eyes, floaters and weak peeling nails. 
Herbal Medicine Formula: Run Chang Wan or  Ma Zi Ren Wan


Yin Deficiency

Dry symptoms such as dry hair and skin and a feeling of feverishness at night.  There will be constipation with dry stool and concentrated yellow, scanty urination.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan  or  Ma Zi Ren Wan


Kidney Yang Deficiency

Constipation with low back weakness, generalized fatigue, weak knees, low libido, frequent urination and cold feet.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Ji Chuan Jian


Stagnation of Cold

Constipation which is accompanied by a fullness pain in the abdomen which has a cold quality to it.  This abdominal distention and pain will feel better with the application of a hot water bottle or drinking warm fluids.  There will be pain with passing the stool.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Da Huang Fu Zi Tang


Dietary Changes to Help Cure Constipation:

Eating habits directly influence the regularity of our bowel movements.  Eating a diet high in fibre foods such as beans, whole grains and vegetables will influence and promote bowel functioning by adding this needed bulking agent.  Staying away from foods low in fibre such as ice cream, cheese, sugar and large poritons of meat will also help.  


Other Suggestions to help Constipation:

Exercise!  regular exercise will promote the movement of food and digestive products through the intestines.  This movement is called peristalisis but regular movement like walking and stretching will help this along.  


If you are just recently experiencing constipation looking at recent life changes at this time which may effect the regularity of your bowels. 

Stress can create digestive problems such as constipation. 

lack of fluid intake may create a dryness in the intestines not allowing regularity. 

Medications may also give rise to constipation while taking them or the discontinued use of specific meds.  


As we discussed at the beginning of this disorder, constipation is not a disease, it is a symptom !   if people are only dealing with constipation by taking laxatives then the problem is still there and could possibly get worse.  By trying to actively balance your life to correct such a disorder as constipation we may eliminate a more serious disorder in the future.



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