Vaginal Itchiness

Vaginal Itchiness  

Genital area has itchiness which comes and goes or is constant.  There may also be burning accomapied with vaginal discharge.  The itching may be the entire perianal area, just the anus or the vagina.  This is commonly associated with sexually transmitted infections (STI), yeast infections, fungal infections or possible parasites. 

Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Damp Heat:

Vaginal itching and burning accompanied by leukorrhea that is yellow thick and smelly, red inflamed vagina and vulva with discharge.  

Acupuncture points - Ren 3 (diuresis, LR 2, 8 (heat), HT 8 (fire), PC 5 (mental factors), SP 9 (diuresis) - digestion- Ren 12, BL 20, ST 36

Herbal Medicine Formula: Bei Xie Fen Qing Yin or Long Dan Xie Gan Tang


Toxic Damp:

Vaginal itchiness commonly due to bacterial, fungal and viral infections.Generally there will also be a foul smelling thick yellow discharge. 

Acupuncture points - Ren, foot Jueyin, Ren 2 and BL 32 and LR 5, SP 9 and HT 8 - frequent urination- LI 4, SP 6


Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency:

Vaginal itching or burning with general vaginal dryness.  General dry symptoms of the eyes, and skin.  The vaginal lips will be sore to the touch and moisturizer may help decrease the itching.  

Acupuncture points - Ren, foot Shaoyin, KI 3 and BL 23 and SP 6, Ren 3 and BL 18, Ren 1

Herbal Medicine Formula: Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan


Liver and Heart Fire:

Vaginal itching that is worse at night or after emotional upsets and stress.  There will also be insomnia, dark yellow uring, red eyes and feverishness.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: - Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San  or  Jia Wei Gui Pi Tang 


Alternative Treatment Methods

Auricular Acupuncture - Shenmen, external reproductive organs, adrenal, endocrine, LR, SP, KI

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