Painful Obstruction - Arthritis


Arthritis Diagnosis:  

Arthritis shows symptoms of joint pain, limb pain, body aches, numbness, feeling of heaviness in the joints, difficult movement of the limbs which gradually becomes more and more effected. The main symptoms of arthritis are pain and a limited range of motion. Arthritis occurs as the cartilage at the end of the joints slowly wears thin giving the bones less of a cushion against wear and tear.  As this cushion wears out the patient will experience pain, stiffness or swelling in or around the joint.  It is common to have little or no symptoms and be pain free in the beginning stages of arthritis.  Only once the disorder has progressed to a more advanced stage will severe symptoms begin to surface. 


The most commonly effected joints are weight bearing joints.  In Men arthritis is most commonly found in the hips, spine and wrists.  In women arthritis is most commonly found in the feet, ankles, knees and hands.  Arthritis can be found in practically any joint in either men or women and is not limited too a certain area according to their gender.   


Arthritis is more common in obese people as the excess weight will add wear and tear on specific joints (ie- ankles, knees, ...)   complications from old injuries can also show up in specific areas with arthritis.  People with lack of activity or living a sedentary life will have a higher risk of arthritis.  The best way of decreasing the chance of arthritis is to live a balanced lifestyle with adequate rest and exercise as well as a nutritious diet.  


Several Different Types of Arthritis:


Also known as degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis occurs after many years of wear and tear on the joints.  It is most commonly found in the edler population.   Generally this type os a gradual onset which is non-inflammatory. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

This is an auto-immune disorder which causes arthritis.   The body's own immune system begins to attack the inside of the joints (synovium).  This can be a completley debilitating disorder which causes joint pain, imobility of the effected joints, swelling and stiffness.  

Juvenile Arthritis: 

Juvenile Arthritis is the name for any type of arthritis found in a child.  It is most commonly rheumatoid arthritis which is broken down into 3 different types:

polyarticular - arthritis effecting a child in many different joints

pauciarticular - arthritis only effecting a few joints in a child

systemic - arthritis effecting the entire body of a child.  



Chinese Medicine Treatment and Possible Cures

According to Chinese Medicine arthritis is always a pattern of Wind Cold Damp Bi Syndrome.  An underying diagnosis must be made to help treat the other causes.   Acupuncture is a very effective tool against arthritis when applied correctly.  Make sure to find a registered ACUPUNCTURIST in your area to help relieve you of this pain.  

Chinese Medicine Herbs are also great to help decrease the severity of arthritis.    In mild conditions arthritis may be cured by these treatments, in more severe conditions the pain, poor range of motion, swelling and othe discomforts can be decreased. 

A very common type of osteoarthritis formula used in Chinese Medicine is:  Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang 


Wind - Wandering Joint Pain

This type of arthritis comes and goes quickly.  The pain and discomfort will be bad for a short time then go away for a while.  The pain will wander from joint to joint.  Exposure to wind will generally make this type of arthritis worse.  

Acupuncture points- Du 14, GB 20, BL 17, SP 10 

Herbal Medicine - Tao Hong Si Wu Tang, Hou Lou Xiao Ling Dan, Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang


Cold Type Arthritis:

In this pattern the joint pain will be severe and fixed in ony a few specific joints There will be a cold senation of pain which will have a mild relief of pain with the application of heat while exposure to cold aggravates it.

Acupuncture points- Du 14, BL 12, 23, Ren 4 1

Chinese Herbal Formula: Dang Gui Si Ni Tang


Damp Type Arthritis:   

This type of arthritis has fixed joint pain which has a heavy quality to the effected joint.  The joint will easily swell and gets worse in damp weather such as extreme humidity or rainfall.They will feel relief in a warm and dry climate. 

Acupuncture points- Du 14, BL 17, 20, SP 9, ST 36

Chinese Herbal Formula:  Shen LIng Bai Zhu San Modified


Heat Type Arthritis

Red, swollen,  painful joints creating a very uncomfortable type of arthritis.  This type will feel better when the weather is cold or they put ice on the effected joints.  The application of heat on these aches and pains will make them worse.  

Acupuncture points- Du 14, LI 4, 11

Chinese Herbs:   Jin Ying Hua, Tu Fu Ling, Lian Qiao, Xia Ku Cao


Phlegm Type Arthritis: 

This type of arthritis is mild or severe pain but is always accompanied by numbness of the joint and swellings or nodules.  This is very common with the physical changes in joints.   Once the joint has physically changed treatment becomes extrememly difficult.

Chinese Herbal Formula:  Di Tan Tang


Blood Stasis Arthritis

Arthritic joint pain with history of trauma.  There is generally only 1 effected joint which relates back to a traumatic injury to that area.  The pain will be fixed and stabbing within the joint. 

Chinese Herbal Formula: Di Da Wan  OR  Qi Li San,  

Deficiency Arthritis

This is a more mild type of pain creating dull joint aching which is very chronic.  This type of chronic arthritis is most commonly found along the spine, the knees and ankles. 

Chinese Herbal Formula:   Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang 


Acupuncture for Arthritis for Specific Body Locations: 

Shoulder- extra Jian Qian, LI 15, SJ 14, 2. LI 15, SJ 14, SI 9, 3, LI 15, SJ 14, LI 14

Elbows- LI 10, 11, SJ 5, 10, LU 5, LI 4 

Wrists- LI 5, SJ 4, SI 5, LI 4

Spine- Du 3, 12, 26, Yintang - hip- GB 29, 30, 39

Low Back - BL 36, 54, SP 9

Knees- ST 34, 35, GB 33, 34 - ankle- BL 60, 62, KI 6, GB 40, ST 41


Guiding herbs for Specific Areas Effected by Arthritis:

Shoulder - Sang Zhi, Jiang Huang

Neck - Qiang Huo

Upper Back - Ge Gen

Middle Back - Gou Ji

Lower Back - Ba Ji Tian

Sacrum - Xu Duan - Gu Sui Bu, Wu Jia Pi, Bu Gu Zi

Fingers - Sang Zhi

Hip to Knee - Du Huo

Knee to Ankle - Mu Gua Ankle and

Foot - Niu Xi

Whole Body - Ji Xue Teng, Luo Shi Teng, Hai Feng Tang

All Joints of the Body - Wei Ling xian, Ji Xue Teng, Luo Shi Tang

Spine - Gou Ji, Wu Jia Pi, Ba Ji Tian, Gu sui Bu, Bu Gu Zi, xu Duan

Swollen/Numb Joints - Di Long, Bai Jie Zi, Si Gua Lou (lufa sponge)

All Joint Pain - any vine (Ji Xue Teng, Yin Hua Teng)


Alternative Treatment Methods for Arthritis:

Auricular Acupuncture- shenmen, sympathetic, local area, use point detection


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