Bone, Joint, Muscle

Bone, Joint, and Muscle Disorders

Bone, Joint and Muscle disorders are the major world wide cause of chronic pain!   These main physical systems of the body are always in a constant state of change by growing, shrinking, moving and changing shape depending on how we are living and using our body.   Muscluloskeletal disorders are divided into either primarily muscle or bone disorders.   Joint disorders are broken into   either periarticular tissue disorders or articular diseases.   (ie tennis elbow or osteoarthritis)


In most cases these disorders are caused by a traumatic injury or infection affecting the bone, joint or muscles but can also be caused by genetic disorders.   The injuries generally go through an inflammatory phase, a degradative phase and then followed by a reparative phase.  


If the reparative phase is not completed people are commonly left with a chronic painful injury which may or may not change their range of motion.   Some injuries may not be painful for many years until a small injury   aggravated the older more severe injury.    

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