Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyps


A polyp is a abnormal type of tissue which grows from a mucus membrane.  They can be attached to the mucus membrane by two ways.  They may form a tear drop style of shape called a "stalk".  The other way a polyp is attached to the membrane is by a larger base and is called a sessile polyp.  Polyps can occur anywhere there is a mucus membrane.  Some of the most common places a polyp will be found besides the nose are:  colon,bladder, cervix, stomach, bladder and small intestine.


Nasal Polyps grow from the mucus membrane within the nose and sinuses.  The most common symptoms of a nasal poly are nasal congestion, runny nose, sinusitis, loss of smell and sinus headaches.  The most common treatment is surgery but in approximately 70% of cases they will recur.  

The mucus discharge from the nose can be yellow, white or greasy and on internal examination polyps may be seen.    


Treatment and cure of nasal polyps can often be found by combining both western and natural treatment.  When combining treatments having both the Western Doctor and Chinese Medicine Doctor both informed of all treatments being used is important.  The following are 2 common pattern for nasal polyps and a formula is given to help heal and treat this disorder.  



This is a milder type of nasal polyp which has progressive nasal congestion and a slow loss of smell.  There will be a foggy head, plugged ears,  a heavy body and a thin nasal discharge.

Herbal Formula: Xing Ye Qing Fei Yin


Phlegm, Qi and Blood Stasis:

Progressive nasal congestion due to polyps with a gradual loss of smell, common nose bleeds, thick nasal discharge, foggy head, sharp pain in the nose and sinuses, headaches and slightly dry skin. 

Herbal Formula: Chuan Xiong Pu Huang San

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