Liang Fu Wan

Natural Chinese Herbal Formulas That Promotes Movement of Qi

Liang Fu Wan

Galangal and Cyperus Pill

Main Action of Liang Fu Wan
The functions of this Chinese medicine formula are to warm the middle jiao and expel cold while promoting the movement of Qi to alleviate pain. This TCM Herbal formula is best suited for conditions of both liver and stomach disorders. The formula treats liver Qi stagnation with stagnated cold congealed within the stomach.

Indications and Symptoms for Liang Fu Wan
epigastric pain, pain alleviated by warmth, stuffy sensation in the chest, hypochondriac pain, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation). Tongue - white coat Pulse - wiry, tight

Herbal Ingredients of Liang Fu Wan

Gao Liang Jiang (Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinari, Lesser Galangal Rhizome, Galanga)

-warms stomach, expels cold

Xiang Fu (Rhizoma Cyperi Rotundi, Nut -grass Rhizome, Cyperus)

-regulates Qi, alleviates stagnation

Cooking Preparation of Liang Fu Wan
When preparing this Chinese medicine formula equal amounts of each herb should be used. Gao Liang Jiang should first be washed in wine before being prepared while Xiang Fu should be washed in vinegar before being preparing. Bake both herbs then grind them into a fine powder and form into pills with ginger juice. Each dosage should be 6 grams and taken 2 -3 times a day with water.

Additional Information on Liang Fu Wan
This is just one of many formula which may treat epigastric pain, the other formulas are Xiao Jiang Zhong Tang (Minor Construct the Middle Decoction), Chai Hu Shu Gan San (Bupleurum Powder to Spread the Liver), and Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang (Pinellia Decoction to Drain the Epigastrium). When the appropriate symptoms are present this alternative medicine Herbal formula is able to treat chronic gastritis and peptic ulcers.