Pu Gong Ying

Latin name: Taraxaci Mongolici cum Radice

Pu Gong Ying Also Known As: Dandelion, Blowball, Cankerwort, Common Dandelion, Lion's Tooth, Pissenlit, Priest's Crown, Swine Snout, Taraxacum, Wild Endive. Taraxacum officinale, synonyms Leontodon taraxacum, Taraxacum vulgare.

Properties: BITTER, SWEET - COLD

Dosage: 9-30g.

Meridians/Channels: LIVER, STOMACH

  • clear toxic heat and fire - liver heat with red-swollen-painful eyes
  • dissipates nodules and abscess - firm-hard sores
  • promotes lactation due to heat
  • clear heat, resolves damp - jaundice, lin syndrome

Also Used For: Orally, Pu Gong Ying / Dandelion plant is used for gallstones, bile stimulation, muscle aches, low urine output, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, as a tonic, and in anti-smoking preparations. Also In Chinese medicine, Pu Gong Ying/Dandelion plant is used for treating breast cancer. Traditionally, Pu Gong Ying/Dandelion plant has been used orally for diabetes, rheumatic conditions, heartburn, bruises, gout, stiff joints, eczema, and cancer. Food uses, dandelion leaves are added to salads. The roasted root and extract are used as coffee substitutes. Food Manufacturing, dandelion plant is a flavoring component for foods as well as beverages.