Mu Dan Pi

Latin name: Moutan Radicis Cortex

Mu Dan Pi Also Known As: Tree Peony Root Cortex, European Peony, Paeonia, Paeoniae Radix, Piney, Mu Dan Pi Paeonia mascula; Paeonia officinalis. Family: Paeoniaceae.


Dosage: 6-12g.

Meridians/Channels: HEART, LIVER, KIDNEY

  • clear heat, cool blood - nose bleed, bloody sputum, profuse menses
  • clear deficient fire - steaming bone, no sweating
  • clears liver blood stasis - amenorrhea, abdominal mass, bruise's
  • clears rising liver fire - headache, eye pain, dysmenorrhoea
  • drains pus, reduces swelling - topically for non-draining sores

Also Used For: Orally, Mu Dan Pi/Peony root is used for spasms. It is also used for epilepsy, excitability, whooping cough, arthritis, bowel complaints, as an emetic, and for inducing menstruation. Herbal combinations, Mu Dan Pi/Peony root is used for arthritis, GI tract diseases, the heart and circulatory system, neuralgia, migraines, as a tonic, and for chronic fatigue syndrome.