Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang

Natural Chinese Herbal Formulas That Directs Rebel Qi Downwards

Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang

Clove and Persimmon Calyx Decoction

Main Action of Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang
The functions of this chinese Herbal formula are to tonify the Qi, warm the middloe jiao while directing rebellious Qi downwards to stop hiccough. This TCM Herbal formula is best suited for conditions of hiccough, belching or vomiting due to deficiency cold in the stomach.

Indications and Symptoms for Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang
hiccough, belching, vomiting, stifling sensaqtion in the epigastrium, focal distention in the chest, Tongue - pale, white coat Pulse - submerged, slow

Herbal Ingredients of Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang

Ding Xiang (Flos Caryophlli, Clove Flower Bud)

- 6g. -warm the stomach, expel cold, direct flow of Qi down, stop hiccough, stop belching

Shi Di (Calyx Diospyros Kaki, Persimmon Calyx)

- 6 -9g. -stops hiccough, stop belching

Ren Shen (Radix Ginseng, Ginseng Root)

- 3 -6g. -tonify Qi

Sheng Jiang (Rhizoma Zingiberis Officinalis Recens, Fresh Ginger Rhizome)

- 6 -9g. -warms stomach, direct stomach Qi downwards

Cooking Preparation of Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang
When preparing this chinese medicine formula Ren Shen is usually replaced with 2 -3 times the amount of Dang Shen.

Additional Information on Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang
The primary function of Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang is to warm the middle jiao and promote downward movement of Qi. This chinese medicine formula should be compared to that of Wu Zhu Yu Tang (Evodia Decoction) because they both treat cold from deficiency.

Wu Zhu Yu Tang treats deficiency cold in the liver and stomach with vomiting after eating, excessive hunger, acid regurgitation and dry heaves While Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang only treats stomach cold. When the appropriate symptoms are present this alternative medicine Herbal formula is able to treat such disorders as postoperative diaphragm spasm, morning sickness and neurological hiccough.