Fei Er Wan

Natural Chinese Herbal Formulas That Expel Parasites

Fei Er Wan

Fat Baby Pill

Main Action of Fei Er Wan
The functions of this chinese medicine formula are to kill parasites and reduce accumulations while strengthening the spleen and clearing heat. This TCM formula is best suited during childhood when there is nutritional impairment which developed due to parasites. The parasites injure the spleen and the new accumulations stagnate creating heat which attacks the stomach.

Indications and Symptoms for Fei Er Wan
Parasitic infestations, intermittent attacks of abdominal pain, indigestion, emaciation, loose stools, feverishness, foul smelling breath, sallow complexion, large distended abdomen Tongue - Pulse -

Herbal Ingredients of Fei Er Wan

Chao Shen Qu (Dry Fried Massa Fermentata, Dry Fried Medicated Leaven, shen -chu)

- 300g. -reduce food stagnation

Huang Lian (Rhizoma Coptidis, Coptis Rhizome)

- 300g. -clears heat

Rou Dou Kou (Semen Myristicae Fragrantis, Nutmeg Seeds, Myristica)

- 150g. -tonify spleen Qi

Shi Jun Zi (Fructus Quisqualis Indicae,Rangoon Creeper Fruit)

- 150g. -expels parasites

Chao Mai Ya (Dry Fried Fructus Hordei Vulgaris, Dry Fried Barley Sprout, Malt)

- 150g. -reduce food stagnation

Bing Lang (Semen Arecae Catechu, Betel Nut, Areca Seeds)

- 120g. -expels parasites

Mu Xiang (Radix Aucklandiae Lappae, Costus Root, Saussurea, Aucklandia) -

60g. -regulates middle jiao Qi circulation

Cooking Preparation of Fei Er Wan
When preparing this natural chinese Herbal formula all the ingredients should be ground into a fine powder and formed into pills with pig gall. Each dosage should be approximately 3 grams and taken with a warm glass of water on an empty stomach.

Additional Information on Fei Er Wan
This Herbal formula is named Fei Er Wan (Fat Baby Pill) because of it's function of treating young children with parasites who generally give rise to a big round belly. When the appropriate symptoms are present this alternative medicine Herbal formula is able to treat such disorders as childhood malnutrition, chronic indigestion in children and parasite .