Tong Ru Dan

Natural Chinese Herbal Formulas For Womens Health and Pregnancy Disorders

Tong Ru Dan

Penetrating the Breast Special Pill


Main Action of Tong Ru Dan
This traditional chinese medicine formulas functions are to tonify Qi and blood. This TCM Herbal formula is able to promote the secretion of breast milk when there is insufficient lactation.


Indications and Symptoms for Tong Ru Dan
Insufficient or absent lactation after childbirth, watery milk, no feeling of distension of the breasts, sallow complexion, dry skin, poor appetite, tiredness Tongue - pale Pulse - choppy


Herbal Ingredients of Tong Ru Dan

Ren Shen (Radix Ginseng, Ginseng Root)

30g. -tonify Qi

Huang Qi (Radix Astragali Membranaceus, Milk Vetch Root, Astragalus)

30g. -tonify Qi

Dang Gui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Chinese Angelica Root, tang -kuei)

60g. -nourish blood, promote fluids, moves blood

Mai Men Dong (Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonici, Ophiopogon Tuber)

15g. -nourish blood, promotes fluids

Mu Tong (Caulis Mutong, Akebia Caulis)

1g. -removes stagnation from breast area

Jie Geng (Radix Platycodi Grandiflori, Balloon Flower Root, Platycodon)

1g. -directing herb, directs other herbs within Herbal formula towards the upper jiao

Pigs Feet

2 feet. (traditionally only a fat pig trotters are used)

-folk remedy to promote the flow of breast milk


Cooking Preparation of Tong Ru Dan
This natural medicine Herbal formula is generally prepared as a decoction.


Additional Information on Tong Ru Dan
This chinese medicine formula is primarily used for conditions of insufficient lactation.