Xi Xin

Latin name: Asari, Herba cum Radice

Xi Xin Also Known As: Chinese Wild Ginger, Asaroun, Asarum, Azarum, False Coltsfoot, Hazelwort, Public House Plant, Snakeroot, Wild Ginger, Wild Nard. Asarum europaeum.

Properties: PUNGENT - WARM - TOXIC

Dosage: 1-3g.

Meridians/Channels: LUNG, KIDNEY

  • release exterior, disperse damp and cold - headache, body ache -warms lung, transforms phlegm - coughing, excessive watery sputum
  • unblocks Qi for nasal congestion

Also Used For: Orally, asarabacca is used for acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial spasms, and bronchial asthma. Folk medicine, it has been used as an emetic, antitussive, menstrual stimulant, abortifacient, and to treat pneumonia, angina pectoris, migraines, liver disease and jaundice, and dehydration.